In the last 15 years since the announcement of the first national health policy, significant progress has been made in health sector but Rajasthan continues to be an underperformer as compared to other states of the country. Basic problems like scarcity of doctors, paramedical staff and infrastructure, slow supply management of drugs and politics of vengeance continue to persist for very long.

The accessibility of healthcare as well as utilization of available healthcare facilities, especially in rural areas, continues to be poor in India.

It is observed that 70% of population has no access to specialist care as 80% of specialists live in urban areas. Only 13% of rural population has access to primary health centers, 33% to sub-center and 9.6% to a hospital. Tribal areas are the worst hit where people do not get easy access to basic medical facilities and doctors too are unwilling to work there. The state government aims to develop complementary and alternative medicine centres, super specialty healthcare institutions to ensure qualitative delivery of healthcare at pocket-friendly cost.

We have strategy to improve the health services in rural area without harshening the medical professionals. We, in Project-6, will make efforts to fulfill this requirement and income opportunities at various levels without financial burden on the poor people.

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