• Use the capabilities and hardworking of the people to provide employment opportunities enabling them to earn sufficient for their livelihood and inspiring them that it is better to start their own enterprise instead of giving priority to govt. jobs.
  • The uses of existing resources and managing these in innovative manner so that every resource can produce new resource and opportunities for employment to masses and income beyond expectations as a result of such multiplications of resources.
  • Everyone has specific purpose of life and it is related to the welfare of the Society and human being.
  • Development is in the hands of people and government can only assist the development process.
  • Innovations require time and hard work for results. This is success MANTRA of every enterprise.
  • Join the people to work for a common goal to get more and more benefits rather than to work individually.
  • Create Job and income generation opportunities for others and we will automatically grow.



M.Com., LL.B.,  CAIIB.,  Ph.D.,  CCNA.


Computer Programming,  AML/KYC, IT Security & Frauds Monitoring

Dr. J.P. Jain resigned from SBI recently in January 2018 after serving more than 36 years in various capacities and as an IT Officer for the last 17 years. He has rich experience of all types of Banking services and IT products. He has played an important role by providing IT based support to various departments of Central and State Government for the last 5 years like Railways, Defence, Posts, SLMA, RPSC and DoIT. He has been associated with IFMS Project of State Government since its inception. He has now decided to use his knowledge, experience and managerial skills to provide EMPLOYMENT and INCOME generation opportunities to a large number of people directly or indirectly.