Business or Product promotion is very important for success. The majority of consumers belongs to the rural area. The concept of a strong brand depends upon the demand and image of the product or business name. There is a need to popularize the product in the rural area and it has been understood by the corporate sector.

The expenses of business promotion have a considerable portion in determining the cost or selling price of an item.

We have designed our Project-7 in such a way that the cost of the promotion will result in an increase in demand for many folds and long term too.  The use of IT and management skills can play an important role in such promotion activities which are not available at present.

The main object of any promotion activity is to create demand, raise demand and maintain demand. The higher costs of promotion are responsible for the increase in the selling price of any item which ultimately affects the consumers. Our vision is to handle the promotion activities for increasing the sale at the existing prices with the actual increase in demand for a longer period.

This project will provide job opportunities to the number of people in the rural area and earning of income for their idle resources.