Digital Services

The use of ATM and PoS machines are now becoming popular day by day in rural areas also. These digital modes of transactions are supported by a bank. Bank account is now become an essential requirement of every individual in the country.  The digital modes of payment gathered momentum in India during 2016-17. The usage of credit and debit cards increased significantly during 2016-17. To promote digital transactions in the country, thrust was given to other measures as well.

Rajasthan is moving towards 100 per cent financial inclusion with a broad support for new digital modes of delivery of benefits especially from women. There is a broad support for new digital modes of delivery of benefits in Rajasthan, a State which is approaching 100 percent financial inclusion. Women are more positive about the change than men, possibly because they were more affected by corruption than men. In fact, the proportion of rural households with two or more accounts is higher than in urban areas.  Women are going to banks to withdraw money in larger numbers, either by themselves or with a male member. Proportion of women going to withdraw money alone depends on how close the bank branches are. The right technology, business model, market distribution, incentives, and rewriting policies are all essential for an end-to-end solution in digital payments. The government has been pushing to popularize digital payments. Last month, the government announced that the merchant discount rate (MDR) applicable on transactions made through debit cards up to and including a value of Rs2,000 will be borne by it for a period of two years with effect from 1 January 2018.

Project-1, Digital Service will provide employment and income generation opportunities at each level in the State. Our aim is to serve 60 lac people per month.