There are considerable difference between customer and consumer. A customer may use the services and goods of an institution. In the same way consumer can also use the services and goods. But, the conversion of customer into consumer is a result of reliable and prompt services with honesty and to the satisfaction of the customers.

Successful Implementation of Project-1 will result another opportunity to earn sufficient income from next Project-2 Convert Customer into consumer. In other words Project-1 will generate another resource for income. The success of the Project-1 mainly depends on quality of services, promptness in services, honest in services.

Project-2 requires a world class standard of management. It will facilitate and generate employment opportunities for more than 1,00,000 people through Self Help Groups in every part of the state. It will also encourage for setting up Industries of consumable goods in the State where another 1,00,000 jobs will be created for local people of the state.

The logistic and other auxiliary services/industries will be developed in this phase to meet the huge demand of consumer goods and delivery from one place to another place within stipulated time.

This will also open job opportunities at our level for huge unemployed workforce.